¡Hola! I am Marcel

A Berlin based Product Designer. I am passionate to help companies to enhance their products by developing human-centered design solutions.

Nowadays, I am growing as a designer at Zenjob. Working in a startup-lean environment has given me the ability to adapt quickly to changes and validate my designs frequently with users while constantly learning from their feedback. I am a part of cross-functional team including product managers, engineers and stakeholders with whom we develop new features, plan release strategies and define OKRs.

Previously, I was at Deloitte, one of the Big Four accounting firms. I was a part of the UX & Engineering team designing products and services in different areas such as SaaS, Banking, Transportation, eCommerce, and Public Administration.

“’Amazingly efficient’ is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Marcel. His ability to juggle multiple projects is really outstanding and he can really understand the Marketing needs and put it together with Designer expertise. And sure, always really fun and easy going person. He makes the difference in the corporate environment.”

Nathália Duarte, Digital Marketing Specialist at Conrad Connect

But, wait a second, who is Marcel beyond his work?

I am a catalan-spanish guy who enjoys: drinking Weißbier while having good talks, quick weekend trips around Europe to disconnect from routine, learn new languages (Deutsch, it’s coming!), amateur interior design to find the perfect Feng Shui and the things well-done. Oh! And I can also cook for you a delicious Tortilla de Patata.

You'll always find me in safe-places where there's respect and space for everyone. Open-minded and gender parity environments are where I feel more comfortable.


Iconography and illustration

From having a strong educational background in graphic design, I have never stopped drawing icons and illustrations. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, they say. And the truth is that by being able to make icons that speak for themselves, I am able to make visually understanding what is really difficult to explain with words.

This skill helps me when I have to prepare design workshops or a client presentation. Or simply, to conceptualise illustrations for the onboarding of an App. If I can choose, I will always propose icons and illustrations rather than pictures from image libraries.

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