¡Hola! I am Marcel Bernat, a Product Designer from Barcelona currently looking for a new job opportunities. I am passionate to help companies to enhance their products by developing people-centered design solutions.
I started my career in 2016 as a graphic designer and illustrator working in two graphic design studios in Barcelona - at Walabi and RUN. After my experience crafting printing products I decided to switch to a digital design environment so I could start designing meaningful experiences to help humans to interact better with technology.

Having a wide experience working as a freelancer, early in 2018, I decided to move to Berlin where I started to work as a UX/UI designer in a tech startup company, the IoT platform Conrad Connect.

If you want to discover more about my work experience and abilities, have a look at my resumée or feel free to connect with me and I would be happy to answer.
User Experience
I usually follow a strict methodological process: first, I start making a research of the competitors and a benchmark analysis. Then I focus on the users interviews and metric analysis to develop a precise personas. While making the first sketches, I organise and structure the content, defining the user flows and the functionalities of the product. In the end, I test with real users the possible solutions with prototypes based on heuristic evaluation. Finally, if I detect problems I refine the solution through iterations.
Visual Design
Because of my background as a graphic designer, I know how to develop a good identity of the brand, taking care of the typography and colour palettes by designing strong style-guides. As an illustrator, I can create icons and complex illustrations to help the product to communicate better its characteristics in a more visual way.
Business Thinking
Design always affects business. As I always worked next to Marketing Specialist and Product Management teams, I understand the importance of how to optimize the design to deliver on the business KPIs and how to measure a design’s performance. I understand my designer role in the context of the business beyond aesthetics.
Workplace Culture
We spend 8 hours at work every day (and sometimes more). I truly believe in the 21th-century companies which are taking care of the happiness of their workers. A happy worker will easily deliver successful results.
Collaboration instead of competition, please. I am always up to learn from my colleagues (it doesn’t matter if you are a designer, developer or marketing specialist) and able to share my knowledge with everyone.
Respect over everything. I consider my colleagues as my work-family and as a family respect is a must. Open-minded and gender parity environments are where I feel more comfortable.
“‘Amazinglly efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Marcel. His ability to juggle multiple projects is really outstanding and he can really understand the Marketing needs and put it together with Designer expertise. And sure, always really fun and easy going person. He makes the difference in the corporate environment.”
Nathália Duarte
Digital Marketing Specialist